Texas Hold Em – Strategy for Playing With a Short Stack

Do you need help winning Texas Hold Em? Here is a winning strategy for playing with a short stack. Learn how to handle this difficult position and read this article now.

When you have a short stack you need to be very patient and wait for the right moment to strike. Really, your bargaining ability is zilch at this moment. You have practically no ability to play a hand after the flop. You really start to be in situation where you can only really all-in or fold.

When you are playing in a tournament of Texas Hold Em, the best strategy for playing with a short stack is to wait for a great situation and then risk it all and go all in. Really this is the only way to leverage any bargaining ability you do have left. You simply don’t have the chips to bet and play with hands.

The art is to make sure you are going all in against the right players. Really you want to be attacking a certain type of player:

  • the player should be looser than the table average
  • the player should have a stack that is about the table average
  • its OK too if the players stack is a little above the table average, but not too high

The reason for this is simple. These players are likely to have worse hole cards. They are also more likely to value their chips more so will consider folding. Your goal when going all in against these players is to force them to fold so you can take the pot right there and then.

When your stack gets shorter and shorter, you really have to start considering anything. Don’t get too loose though or you will never have a chance of getting back in the game. Consider any premium hand, aces with strong side cards and any pocket pair.

As far as odds go, any coin-flip hand is worth playing at. These are good odds when you are on a short stack. If you get too uptight you will never play a hand and you will be starved to death.

In Texas Hold Em, it’s important to have a solid strategy for playing with a short stack. You now aware of the basics you’ll need to have a formidable short stack strategy and you are probably realizing that learning more on this part of Hold Em can really help you save money when it counts.

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