Holdem Tactics – The 10 Most Important Steps To Lose Less Chips

Wouldn’t it be great to hardly ever lose chips? Then you’d actually be able to secure the wins you get. Well these Holdem tactics reveal all

Holdem Tactics 1 – Really Protect Your Big Blind

Protecting your big blind has got to be one of the best long term strategies for saving chips – or losing less chips. This is because it is probably the biggest thing you will constantly have at risk all the time.

Establishing yourself as a blind defender early on in a tournament, or even a cash game, is important for a few reasons. First, it will allow you to protect your blind easier later one because people get the idea you won’t be taken advantage of. Second, it saves you a lot of chips – you will lose less chips.

Holdem Tactics To Reduce Stress #2 – Protect Your Small Blind

Protecting your small blind, when you can, can give you an added addition of chips you would otherwise lose. This is less important than the big blind but still can help. Just be sure you don’t lose too many chips trying to do so. Don’t get sucked into a pot you won’t win.

Holdem Tactics To Reduce Stress #3 – Dont Bet Pre-Flop, Then Be Raised, Then Fold

In other words, choose your cards better. Sometimes this event is unavoidable because you need to test the water or see if you can get through. But reducing this tell-tale chip-leaking problem will definitely help you in the long run. If there are certain cards where this always happens to you just stop playing them.

Holdem Tactics To Reduce Stress #4 – Don’t Play Too Much From Early Positions

Reducing your play from early positions will often lose you a lot less chips. On average, people lose in early positions and make money in later positions. So why not put a cap on the losing and just focus on the winning? But still play from early positions if you get great cards – you’d be mad not to.

Holdem Tactics To Reduce Stress #5 – Just Play To The Flop

The easiest way to cut costs is to get to the flop, make your decision if you are going to win or not, and if you don’t think you won’t then fold. Another way of saying this is if you aren’t in a really good position post-flop, then just fold. Too many people chase cards and leak chips post-flop, on the turn, river etc.

Holdem Tactics To Reduce Stress #6 – Don’t Get Suckered Into Huge Bets

Avoid being suckered into huge bets for pots – especially if you don’t have anything too great. It’s so easy to start just betting 1xbb or 2xbb, then be raised 3xbb, then raised again, and all of a sudden half your stack is in the pot and in real reality you’re not sitting on that good a cards.

Holdem Tactics To Reduce Stress #7 – Stop Paying To See If You’ll Win

So many players will pay a bunch of chips just to see the next card if they’ll make that straight or flush. Sure, if it pays off they make a lot of money but if losing less chips is your goal then stop doing this.

Holdem Tactics To Reduce Stress #8 – Don’t All In Unless You Know You’ll Win

If there is one way to lose a lot of chips it’s to lose an all in. You need to put a cork in this massive hole that can suck your bankroll dry. Don’t all in unless you know, and I mean really know, you’ll win.

Holdem Tactics To Reduce Stress #9 – Stop Bluffing, Stupid.

You’re not kidding anyone. Stop betting with practically nothing. Your not bluffing, you just throwing your money away. Bluffing and losing less don’t go together.

Holdem Tactics To Reduce Stress #10 – Know When To Fold

On top of everything, you need to know when to fold. You need to know when your beat. You need to know when the odds don’t stack up. And you need to actually fold when you know you should.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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