Holdem Tactics – How I Abused My Table Position To Steal Blinds

You need to read this now to find out how to earn more money playing poker. These simple little Holdem tactics will make the difference to you.

I know that whatever type of person you are, if you are interested in Holdem tactics then you, like me, will be amazed when you learn this easy to implement strategy. When I first found out about this I almost didn’t believe it. I tried it, and I was right. It didn’t work. Then, I formulated my own special set of criteria which enabled me to reproduce positive results – I cracked the code.

Any it doesn’t even matter if right now you aren’t making a lot of money playing poker. In fact, if you aren’t – or if you continually lose money – it’s not even your fault. Of course it’s not, it’s your strategy, or in other words it’s the Holdem tactics you are using. And for this very reason I can take a complete dunce at poker, give him these Holdem tactics and have him making money immediately.

From Zero To Hero – My Holdem Tactics For Creaming Up Blinds Like Butter

1 – Table position

You want to either be the last person or maybe the second last person once you are better. Stick to last person for now though.

2 – Steal blinds

Just incase you don’t know, you are looking to pick up the blinds easily to add to your stack. If you get into the habit of doing this it helps out over the longterm – and I mean seriously helps out.

3 – Make the moves

What you do is, when you are in late position and no one bets at the pot you move in with a huge bet. Most of the time they will fold. Because it looks like you have a great hand.

And most people stop here. And then you do that and it doesn’t work, because stuff always happens.

My Super Secret Recipe For Success To Steal Blinds Properly

Watch out for player types. Aggressive players generally bet so if they are making a small bet you can consider this as a call. The people you hate are the check-raises, or passive players. What they will do is check, then you try to steal the blind, then they will come over the top of you. Then you don’t wanna play because really you have nothing.

The other type of player you need to identify are the blind defenders. These guys will reraise you no matter what they have because they don’t want you to steal there blinds. Don’t try to take these guys one.

Watch for stack sizes. Large stacked opponents (compared to your stack) will more likely call you. If your stack is dwindling this will reduce the effectiveness of these Holdem tactics, so really keep an eye out for this.

My recipe specifically. If an aggressive player bets 60% or less of his normal bet, pretend it’s a call, and steal the blind. If there are more then 2 repeat/constant check raisers then don’t bother. If you are in a position where when your last the blind is a defender, you’ll have to move around or move to a different table (easy if you are online).

Then what you need to do is assess all pre-flop bets of a course of time and take an average, and determine the ‘table average preflop bet’. I.e some tables a good bet is 3 times the big blind, where as some it’s super huge like 10 times the big blind. After taking this average you want to do about 2.5 times this. So a 3xbb table would be 7xbb, and a 10xbb would be 25xbb.

That’s pretty much it. I know now that you’ve learned this you’re becoming more aware of all the little things that matter that previously you didn’t know about. And as you are thinking of these things you’re starting to feel confident that you’ve got a handle on these. I’ve used these Holdem tactics before and they are a great guideline to stealing blinds more effectively.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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