Holdem Tactics – Are Your A Courageous Holdem Player?

If you don’t have an ounce of courage in you don’t worry, these Holdem tactics are going to reveal how to get into the right state of mind to always win at poker.

Whatever your current level of ability in poker, whether you’re just starting out, have been playing for a while or already have a few Holdem tactics under you belt, because you are reading this, this means that you, like me, are interested in learning how to become a better poker player. And this Holdem tactics article on how to become more courageous at the poker table is going to do that for you.

Face It – Poker Is Risky

Poker is risky. Texas Hold Em Poker is even more risky. Specifically No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker because the amount you can bet is set a no limit. So any pot can turn into a humongous, unimaginably huge cost to you, and you can lose a ton of money just on a single hand.

Holdem may be risk but it is not gambling. It’s officially a game of skill. So it’s not like your betting at the slot machines and could lose up to any amount – no – it’s more like you are betting on your own ability.

You Need To Have Some Balls

And i’m not talking about billiard or soccer balls here. I’m referring to the proverbial courage that is a sheer requirement to be successful at poker. You can know one and a million Holdem tactics but if you don’t have the tenacity to try them or to take a leap of face to make them work, you will end up flat on your face.

Courage Vs Stupidity

There is a difference. Just because you need to have some balls and courage to make the right moves, there is also an ounce of stupidity inside us that will make us do the wrong thing. We have all done this. I know now that you are reading this you are remembering and beginning to experience an event that you did something stupid.

Know When To Take The Punt

First and foremost you need to know if the odds and game depict you should take the punt. If everything adds up then go for it. But it’s at this point where most get stuck. They think they should, or could, or maybe might, but they don’t go through with it.

This is where your courage comes in. The single biggest method of developing courage is to overcome your fears. And the easiest ways to overcome fear is to make this simple realization: the presence of fear almost always indicates that the thing you are scared of is not currently happening.

So if your scared of losing money, that’s almost proof that right now you are not losing money. A very simple but effective reassurance.

So as you are becoming more and more aware of all the times you have feared something, and as you go back into that time you begin to realize that at those specific moments what you were actually scared of wasn’t happening, you will begin to feel increasingly safe and secure and feel the courage growing inside you.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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