Holdem Tactics – Quick Easy And Fun Holdem Tactics To Use Today

Need some spice in your Holdem life? Check out these Holdem tactics for some easy cash tonight, and a lot of fun too.

Having a few fun things to do at the poker table is always beneficial. Sure we all love to win but sitting their only playing the most perfect hands can sometimes get a little boring. So try one of these exciting players today.

Holdem Tactics – Blind Steals

One of the most enjoyable tactics to use is the blind steal. You can do it like this:

  1. When in late position or the cutoff
  2. Watch to see if no one contests the pot, so everyone only limps in/checks or folds
  3. Make a large bet, say five times the big blind
  4. Everyone should fold

If someone hits back at you, consider firing another shot depending on how strong your hole cards are. You can do a blind steal with practically any hole cards.

Holdem Tactics – Punch The Pairs

Another great tactics to play is to play any pocket pair you get from any position. This can be fun in a way because one out of eight times you’ll hit a set on the flop, and even more by the turn or river.

It’s pretty simple to do:

  1. Get dealt a pocket pair
  2. Check/limp in to see the flop (be sure the price isn’t too crazy)
  3. See if you got a set on the flop
  4. If you are raised without a set just fold
  5. If no one raises you can see the turn/river for free do it
  6. If you do hit the set just bet normal, re-raising too.

And you’ll rake it in when you surprise him with a set.

These are just a couple of quick and easy Holdem tactics you can use to make a bit of cash at the poker table. They are fun to do and add a bit of spice to your Holdem game. Enjoy.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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