Holdem Tactics – A Quick Way To Always Bet The Perfect Amount

I’m going to quickly and easily describe some fundamental Holdem Tactics which will enable you to always bet the perfect amount each and every hand.

Its crucial to have some basic, fundamental holdem tactics you can call on again and again no matter what situation you are in. Learning and following strong rooted holdem tactics is crucial if you are ever going to free up the energy to perform more complex tasks and moves. By having a primary betting strategy you take the guess work out of betting. Its easier, faster and actually more effective.

Always bet three times the big blind

Period. Its the faster and easiest way to bet. This is the first step you should take when playing holdem. You can focus on whatever other holdem tactics you are working on and forget about the complexities of betting by following this strategy. Just bet three times the big blind. So you have only ever have the choice of folding or raising three times the big blind. Don’t bother checking or calling. If someone else makes a raise then you have the choice: fold or bet (which is re-raising) three times the big blind.

The best betting strategy you’ve ever done

This is an extremely effective betting strategy and one of my favourite holdem tactics for the following reasons.

1) It takes the pain out of deciding how much to bet
2) It allows you to focus on your cards
3) You free up emotional and mental energy for calculating pot odds, reading faces, assessing opponents and more
4) You come across as aggressive
5) You scare your opponents
6) You can never be read because you don’t change your betting style
7) When you do bet your opponents will think you have a great hand
8) When you reraise someone it will have a huge emphasis

A hidden benefit

This betting method has another hidden benefit. It is a very effective aggressive strategy because you will be making your decision to raise a lot faster. Instead of sitting there thinking and thinking how much to bet, you should have already made the decision by the time its your turn and then bam you raise. By doing this, other players will be taken aback because you bet so fast. This will make them more afraid of you. How would you feel if you raised someone and they immediately reraised you without even thinking? Their confidence would scare you.

Raising three times the big blind is one of the greatest most basic holdem tactics around. Three times the big blind is a good amount. Its not too small, its not too big. Its just enough to mean something but not too much that you’ll get into trouble if you make a mistake and lose a pot. The next time your at the poker table, remember this holdem tactics plan and just always raise three times the big blind.

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