Poker – Is it Weak to Play Tight? Why Playing Tight is Not Weak

Sadly, in some poker circles you are considered to be playing poker weak if you play tight. This simply is not the case. Read on to learn how tight play is super-strong if done correctly.

Poker – Is it Weak to Play Tight? Why Playing Tight is Not Weak

In many poker circles, due to the fame and supposed greatness of the strategy, loose play styles are considered the beezneez of poker. Further to this, many players think that playing poker tight is a weak strategy. This is certainly not the case.

I don’t care where you’ve come from, if you know how to play poker or are still learning, even if you have yet to experience a large amount of success playing Texas Holdem Poker, there is always a place for a tight strategy. Whoever you are, I’m sure that you, like me, want to know if playing poker tight is weak or not. Let me assure you it is definitely a strong strategy, as I’ll explain.

If You’re Losing, Its Not Your Fault

If you are constantly losing money playing poker, taking bad beats or simply just not experiencing much luck, its probably isn’t even your fault. Most likely it has nothing to do with you. The valid reason why you aren’t succeeding as much as you would like to is because of the strategy you are implementing. This is no surprise seeing as there are countless amounts of worthless strategies lurking around.

If all the different information has you confused. If you’ve been told playing tight is weak and you should play loose but then you play loose and lose a lot of money, stop, take a deep breath right now and relax. We are going to target the real problem here, which is a failing strategy. Let us take aim and focus on what’s important. First, we will clear the air.

A Tight Strategy Is A Strong Strategy

All things being equal, if you play tight you have a greater probability of winning. Period. This is the essence of a tight strategy – only play cards that have a high probability of actually winning the hand. When you play very strong cards you reduce the risk of taking a bad beat and losing. When you are holding a good hand you can confidently call or raise, or even reraise. You won’t experience stress, you don’t have to try to bluff other players; playing tight is easy and it works.

So Why Do They Say Tight Poker Is Weak?

I’m not going to lie to you, they’ve found that most highly successful poker players do play loose. This is because if they played tight they simply wouldn’t be able to be in enough pots to make massive amounts of money. But unless you are a multimillion dollar WPT champion, playing loose maybe isn’t the best way to go.

Did you ever hear that saying how if Bill Gates walked past a $100 bill it isn’t worth his time to pick it up. Well, if you walked past a $100 bill it would be worth your time to pick it up, for the simple reason that you aren’t yet at Bill Gates level of success. When you are a billionaire sure, keep walking, but for now, focus on whats the best move for you right now!

Why Tight Is Even Better In Online Poker

Playing tight is even better in online poker for many reasons:

1) More hands are played quicker, so overall you get to be in more pots then if you were playing in real life.
2) Online Poker players are often very … crap … and most won’t even realise if you are playing loose aggressive or bluffing. Because they don’t realise, they’ll just stupidly call you, and will often accidently beat you.
4) Tight is the only surefire way to win consistently. You simple have to beat them with a better hand.
5) Also, when you get dealt bad cards and fold, because you are home you can do others things. I like to have information like poker tips, strategies, odds, probability etc open and constantly refer to them to focus on improving my game in certain areas. If you are playing loose you don’t get this benefit because your always in a pot.

So if anyone ever tells your that you’re playing poker weak if you play tight, tell them where to go. If they knew anything they would understand the validity of a tight game. Playing tight is a fundamental skill to learn in poker and is more often then not quite profitable.

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