Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – How To Know Everyone’s Cards

As far as Texas Hold Em Poker tips go, how to know what cards your opponent has got to be one of the most useful ones for help you win more money.

When you continue to guess what cards your opponent has, and then get more refined and accurate with your guesses and they start actually being quite close to correct, your Texas Hold Em Poker game skyrockets to new levels. Obviously, the object is to try to find out, as close as you possible can, what hands your opponents have and you do this by constant information gathering, guessing, refining, gathering and guessing some more. You should be doing this at all times when you are playing poker. At all times! I cannot stress this enough.

Once you have been watching how and when every player is betting and gather enough information about them, actions and patterns will start to become more clear. You will realise why one certain guy just limped in before the flop, or why a certain women is continually checking but then raising in other situations. You will be able to better sort what type of opponent you are versing and what type of cards they have. Basics first, but when you get more advanced you will be able to extrapolate why a certain person bet in a certain way with one hand, and a different way with a very similar hand, and possibly what they were trying to achieve.

The whole process starts by carefully and meticulously watching your opponents and every move they make. The first thing to really concentrate on is how the opponent is betting before the flop. After watching this, you continue to narrow down hands from here on in. If they just check on the flop, try to figure out why they missed the flop (as in didn’t get a good hand on the flop), or if they actually missed the flop or not. Do you think they are playing a drawing hand? Could they be trying to play a second or bottom pair? Maybe they have a monster and are slow-playing, using the old check-raise strategy? Asking questions like this and continually checking the results (if the opponent goes to the river and lays down there cards see what they had and if it matched your guess) will enable you to know what cards your opponent has in later deals.

An opponents betting patterns, whether they call or raise, tips you off to which cards they could have. Your experience, as in the information you have gathered, the guesses and confirmed guesses you’ve previously made, helps you narrow down what they could have into what they should, or you think, they have. By following this Texas Hold Em Poker tips advice¬†every hand, I’ll say every hand just one more time, you will significantly increase your Texas Hold Em Poker game and will be able to know what cards your opponent has.

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