Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Implied Pot Odds & Early Calculations

Texas Hold em Poker tips on how to perform early calculations and implied pot odds can be helpful if you want to dominate the table.

This Texas Hold em Poker tips all about calculating your odds early and determining your implied pot odds. By early I mean before the river. Say you have an open ended straight draw after the flop is down and your opponent raises before you. If you calculate the pot odds you might not get the 5-to-1 needed to match your payoff risk, say your getting 4-to-1 or 3-to-1. You have to remember that the hand isn’t over and the pot isn’t complete. If there isn’t five times your opponents bet in the pot already you have to think of what might/could happen before the hand is over.

As you have more rounds of betting to go, that is after top turn and the river, your not only going to win whats in the pot right now but also the additions to the pot over time. If your opponent is going to raise again later, or even if you raise to push him to call, that would increase the size of the pot and the overall amount you are going to win. So if the numbers don’t fall into place right now they could, or probably would, be good enough later one when the pot is a bit chunkier. This is what is called implied odds.

Being able to understand and calculate implied odds is an extremely important part of playing Texas Hold em poker, one that winners take full advantage of. You need to be able to grasp the fact that you aren’t playing for the amount of money sitting in the pot right now, but the amount that will be sitting in the pot by the end of the hand. You’re not going to win the amount that’s in the pot before or after the flop, you’re going to win the whole amount that’s sitting there after the river!

How much you can win if you call the bet and hit the card your waiting for? Are you going to win alot more money? By calling a bet, even though the current odds and payoff risk aren’t good enough, might be an opportunity to rake in a massive win and grow your stack. Take this Texas Hold em Poker tips advice, calculate both your pot odds, payoff risk, and more importantly, your implied pot odds. These numbers might prove to be extremely insightful and help you make the best calls in a particular hand.

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