Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Putting Your Opponent On A Hand

This Texas Hold Em Poker tips goal is to help you be able to put you opponent on a specific hand, so you can play Texas Hold Em Poker more effectively.

Imagine, just imagine, if you could play a game of No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker but your opponents cards had to be face up. How easy would it be? You would know exactly when to raise to steal his pot, when not to bother calling his raise because he has such a good hand, whether it was worth going heads up or playing a pot down to the river. If he’s not allowed to see your cards but you could see his, that would make the game extremely unfair and you would basically be able to win everytime. Of course this is never going to really happen, but you can in fact use strategies and methods to determine what cards your opponent actually has.

The most important thing to do if you want to know what cards your opponent is to pay close attention to the game and gather as much information as possible. The more information you have on the other players the more effectively you will be able to put them on a hand. To develop this skill, you need to constantly be trying to figure out what cards your opponent has and then check that guess against what cards he really did have when he lays them down. You are going to get alot of incomplete information and this makes the process quite difficult, but if you hang in there and learn how to perform this neat trick effectively and consistently you will exponentially increase your Texas Hold Em Poker game.

You should be playing this guessing game 100% of the time you are at a poker table. No matter how insignificant you think a hand is, no matter how much is in the pot or what the stakes are. Even if you have folded, actually especially if you have folded, you should be paying close attention to all the other players and guessing what hands they have, trying to figure it out based on all the information you have. Then finally at the end of the pot you’ll see the cards and you will be able to cross-reference that back to what you thought and why. As time goes on and your guesses are confirmed or denied, you’ll know how accurate you are and this will enable you to make even better judgements in the future.

You should try to get your hands on more Texas Hold Em Poker tips on how to more effectively guess your opponents hands. Anything that will enable you to more effectively perform this act will help you win more Texas Hold em Poker games and you will become a better player.

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