Texas Poker Strategy – How To Get Good At Poker On The Cheap

This one is interesting, because everyone wants to know the Texas Poker strategy on how to become a great player quickly and cheaply. And I reveal it all now.

No matter who you are, the very fact that you are reading this means you already have a bit of an understanding of what I’m about to explain. And for that reason I know that this info is going to sit well with you and you’ll take a lot away from this discussion.

There’s only one way I know how to become a really really good Texas Hold Em Poker player in a short amount of time and on the cheap, without having to lose a bunch of money player Texas Hold Em and without having to go through all of the newbie mistakes almost everyone ends up falling for. And this one way to finding the most lucrative Texas Poker strategy for you isn’t anything new, but for some reason not many people utilise it.

How To Learn The Best Texas Poker Strategy To Become A Star Texas Hold Em Poker Player Really Quickly For Next To Nothing

After I spent a couple of years playing Texas Hold Em online in and around the place:

- learning all the Texas Hold Em Poker rules
- getting my buddies around for a Texas Hold Em Poker game on more than one occassion
- discovering some Texas Poker strategy at pubs, online and the like,
- thinking what great Texas Hold Em Poker player I was and that and I know all this stuff,
- taking some wins and inevitably taking a few too many losses as well
(but always convincing myself it wasn’t me, it was just a lucky streak on their part),

I started to think there must be a better way…

Texas Poker Strategy Idea

And I found this little secret Texas Poker strategy of which I’m going to reveal right now, for free, just cause I want to help you.

But I have to warn you, because it’s probably not like any “Texas Poker strategy” you have read before. Actually it’s going to be a bit counter-intuitive, you know? Like when the traffic is so built up at a corner you take three left turns and that’s faster than waiting to take one right turn…

The Ultimate Texas Poker Strategy: Step 1 – First, go out and learn all the Texas Hold Em rules.

No, actually go out and learn the freaken rules! Just because you know which hands are better than which doesn’t mean you know the rules. Find out what happens if someone takes a turn they shouldn’t of, or if someone doesn’t have enough money to call an all-in, or if two players have exactly the same hands. Learn the weird stuff like that.

Find and learn all the rules and learn them properly. Learn them a few times. Learn them so well you can recite them.

The Ultimate Texas Poker Strategy: Step 2 – Go out and learn all the basic Texas Poker strategies

There are so many Texas Poker strategies, but only a few main ones (see here the 5 Holdem Tactics you need to know). Only bother with the tried and true methods. Write all these down. Record them all in word or get a notebook or something. Don’t just read them you need to re-write all the Texas Poker strategies you find into your own words.

I know what you’re thinking. “But Alex, that’s what I’m trying to do right now. And you’re telling me to do it?”

I know I know, so continue to do it. But you probably would have found some and then gone and tried them right? WRONG! That’s why you need to read the rest of this article.

And this is the most important part. After you have gone out and found a few Texas Poker strategies, think about them and try to figure out which one you think YOU want to actually do. Yes, YOU. Not just one you think is the best or someone is telling you is the best, one that will actually sit well with you. Your personality, your risk profile, the amount of cash you have.

Do YOU get it yet? (if not read that step 2 part again…)

The Ultimate Texas Poker Strategy: Step 3 – Go out and buy $200 worth of books and courses on your chosen Texas Poker strategy.

Buy A Texas Poker Strategy Book!

Yes, you read that correctly. Actually buy a book. Don’t go cheap ass and try to get it all from the net. You can do it but it just takes sooooo long (for example, you could learn just about everything you need from this website, so maybe start here….) But if you want to get a good Texas Poker strategy fast just cut to the chase a buy a course on it.

Before you even sit down and play Texas Hold Em Poker go and spend a couple hundred dollars on books, courses, and training, on the Texas Poker strategy YOU want…

(And if you are currently playing now, and haven’t read a single book or bought a single course yet… umm… I think it’s pretty obvious what is the important thing to do here now…)

And if you’re confused about your type, here’s few examples:

- if you are a mathematical type and love the poker probabilty and maths, go out and get all the probability books. Incorporate this into your Texas Poker strategy. Really get into it to the point you can calculate the chance of whatever happening to the nth degree.

- if you have chosen to really get into Texas Poker tournaments, go out and get all the tournament Texas poker strategy books. Get them from really reputable players. Read all the Texas Poker tournament stuff you can find, and really learn about specifically tournaments.

- if you want to do an online Texas Poker strategy (Hold Em online cash games) go out and get the online courses from the very guys that are doing it right now! The guys that have quit their day job, sit around at home all day, multi-table online poker rooms and rake it in.

Buy all the stuff you can find on your specific Texas Poker strategy that you want to do. Read them all. Think about them. Take notes. Read them again. Spend a few weeks reading them every single night.

And after you have done all that.

The Ultimate Texas Poker Strategy: Step 4 – Go out and completely destroy the competition with your absolutely perfect Texas Poker strategy.

If you did what I just outlined, you will, I promise! If you actually spent 3 weeks studying every single night on a Texas Poker strategy that sits perfectly with the type of player you want to be, you wont lose hardly any money at all! (a few ups and downs are inevitable) But you will rake in a massive amount of cash so easily it’s not funny. And all the while you’ll think how the hell did you do it?

But it’s nothing special. It’s no real secret. I’m telling you this right now for free right? If it was a secret it would be hard to find but you’re reading it right now.

So what’s the catch? There has to be a catch right?

The catch is, that if you didn’t take the time to figure out what type of player you wanted to be (i.e had a plan) and you hadn’t of read all the books and courses to learn your own Texas Poker strategy (i.e. got the training) you would have probably lost hundreds, if not thousands on trial and error Texas Poker play. You would have been one of the fishes that the pros (well, the people who took the time to fricken learn their own Texas Poker strategy) absolutely love to take money from!

And yet… everyone will go out and lose a bunch of money playing poker, even though they have no real idea of how to play properly (even though they might think they do). But no one, and I mean seriously hardly anyone will actually go out and spend a few hundred dollars on a few books or courses. And no one will ever fork out $200 for a full-fledged poker course, because that would be wasting money wouldn’t it? And who would waste their money on a crummy course like that, when we could go out and “learn the easy way” and “make money”…

Or the best one I love: “I’ll go out and buy a course on an advanced Texas Poker strategy when I make some money playing poker…” (talk about putting the cart before the horse).

And 90% of players live in that dream. And thats why they lose. And the players that are smart get good at poker, on the cheap, and then make a KILLING.

Beats me..

Cya at the top.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

P.S. If you’re wondering, this is the learning material I recommend.

P.P.S If you enjoyed this Texas Poker strategy article, please leave a comment below. Actually, I really want to hear what you think about this post no matter if you liked it or not, so just plug in the flaming in the box at the bottom…

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