How Tight Aggressive Texas Holdem Poker Catapulted My Success Rate

Playing Tight Aggressive Texas Holdem Poker is a sure-fire way of winning and succeeding whether you are playing online or in real life poker games.

When I started playing Texas Hold Em Poker I had no strategy and would just play hand by hand. That’s when I discovered the power of a full-fledge tight aggressive strategy. To this very day I rely on a solid tight aggressive play as a true bread and butter strategy.

Why Tight Aggressive Is The Best Way To Play No Limit Texas Holdem Poker

I believe that for any poker player looking to make some real money playing poker, a tight aggressive Texas Hold Em Poker strategy is the way to do it. That’s because:

- it stacks the odds in your favour, literally. You technically have a better chance of winning from a pure probability standpoint.
- the strong aggressive play magnifies your strengths and diminishes any weaknesses you may have
- it’s simple and easy to play, so simple it’s scary
- it’s a low risk method of playing, as in you don’t have to bet the house before you start seeing results
- ROI is decent, and although it’s not the best, any consistent profits are great when you’ve been losing cash for weeks on end

How Tight Aggressive Effectively Forces You To Win Texas Holdem Poker

It’s almost impossible to lose playing a tight-knit tight aggressive Texas Holdem Poker strategy. In fact, I’ve found most of the times I’ve ever lost playing this strategy was because I stopped following the rules. I got too loose, I backed off on the aggression, I made a wrong call, I didn’t do my odds correctly, and any other of the million human error mistakes to make when playing poker.

A strong Tight Aggressive Holdem Poker Strategy effectively forces you to win for the following reasons:

- you only play great hole cards so you have a higher probability of winning
- you only enter pots when you have a good chance of winning
- you win more showdowns full stop
- your aggression masks any weakness you may have
- your table image serves you well, people don’t mess with you
- your aggression and image together win you many more pots than you would otherwise

How Tight Aggressive Exploded My Success Rate In Every Texas Holdem Poker Game

Playing tight aggressive Texas Hold Em catapulted me into success, I believe, because it gave me some clear cut rules for my pre-flop game. I stopped being a cowboy and playing very randomly. The structure was great for my game and I started to win more because of it. I used TAG, plus these 4 Revolutionary No Limit Holdem Poker Lessons to catapult myself into success.

At first I was a bit intimidated to constantly bet out. It felt risky and I didn’t like doing it. But soon enough as I started to win more and more, both from landing great hands and just winning pots because my opponents folded, I got more confident with the aggressive style of play.

Now I wouldn’t dream of playing passively or even assertive. I absolutely love strong aggressive play, maybe a little too much.

By having a strong foundation of cards to play pre-flop and an easy to follow betting strategy I was able to start concentrating on cultivating more intermediary and advanced skills such as pot odd calculation, positional advantages, targeting players, bluffing and utilizing tells.

As I got better and better at the many other skills needed for poker my tight aggressive strategy then became even more powerful.

The money, wins, confidence and the skills I built with this strategy have served me well. If you are searching for a sure bet in poker absolutely nothing compares to a true tight aggressive Texas Hold Em Poker strategy.

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To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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