7 Incredible Texas Hold Em Tips That Will Double Your Cash

Texas Hold Em Tips

Are you frustrated that you’re not making as much as you’d like playing poker? Don’t miss out on these Texas Hold Em Tips that will teach you how to double your cash today.

Incredible Texas Hold Em Tips #1

Firstly, when the flop has dropped and are you waiting for the turn to come, if you add up all your outs and multiply by four you will have a very good approximate percentange of your chance to hit.

Incredible Texas Hold Em Tips #2

Likewise, if the the turn comes and you are waiting for the river, just add up your outs again and this time multiply by two and you will again have your chance to win.

These are both amazing ways to quickly calculate pot odds

Incredible Texas Hold Em Tips #3

Did you know that if you have two hole cards that are different, so not a pair, you will have about a one in three chance of making a pair on the flop. So if you have A-K you have a 35% chance of hitting a pair.

Incredible Texas Hold Em Tips #4

And, if you have a pocket pair, you will have about a one in eight chance of hitting a set on the flop. So thats about a 13% chance of hitting a set that will almost guarantee you a win.

Incredible Texas Hold Em Tips #5

When the flop comes and it looks like your opponent might be on a draw, all you have to do is bet half the pot. His three to one odds means it’s not worth his money to chase it. Very powerful.

Incredible Texas Hold Em Tips #6

You always want to sit on the left of loose players, and to the right of tight players. This way you’ll have a constant position advantage against their styles.

Incredible Texas Hold Em Tips #7

Be a bit careful if you flop a top and bottom two pair. For example, if you have K-4 and your opponent has something like K-Q, and the flop comes K-8-4, you are in good shape. However, if the 8 pairs on the turn or river things have evened up, except he has a queen kicker and you are dragging your sorry self out of there.

You are surely coming to the realization that these incredible Texas Hold Em Tips will enable you to easily make more money at your next poker game. These simple yet effective tips and tricks are what seperate the winners from the losers. The only things poker pros have that you don’t is a better knowledge of all of these secrets and warning signs.

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