How To Beat Calling Stations Every Time In 3 Easy Steps

Do you want to know how to beat calling stations? Calling stations are the easiest players to win against however many players experience difficulty beating them. Read this article now to learn what to do about it.

A calling station is a player that constantly calls every single bet at the poker table. They may play a variety of different hands depending on how tight or loose they are but the main point is that no matter how much you bet, or when you bet, they will call you. It can be frustrating if you don’t know how to beat calling stations and if this is a problem you experience make sure you read this whole article now.

Sometimes the calling station you are up against will have a hand, other times they won’t. You also might find that some of them have a lucky tendency of making a hand some way or another by the showdown.

Calling stations are the easiest players to beat however it seems they hit cards all the time. That’s because the calling station just calls and calls. A lot of players seem to get frustrated with this and annoyed that they are playing more premium hands except they have been beaten by calling stations who are playing an inferior game and are getting “lucky”.

The way to beat a calling station is simple. There are 3 things that you need to make sure that you are doing.

How To Beat Calling Station The Simple And Easy Way – Step By Step

Step 1 - You need to be playing superior poker cards to increase your probability of winning.

All things being equal this is your only real way of increasing your chances of winning. Most other tactics will have less effect because the calling station will just call and call and call no matter what.

Step 2 - The second thing you need to be doing is playing aggressively. You need to make your opponent, the calling stations, pay the price of admission.

Remember that you know that the calling station will call no matter what. The point of this step is that you will be taking advantage of this fact. You want to be making them pay to be part of the hand.

Step 3 - The third thing is the most important and this is generally the one that players do not do which is why they continually lose to the “weak” calling stations. You need to properly assess the board and ensure that you actually have a superior hand that is actually likely to win.

Now don’t say that you’re getting suck outs or bad beats and that’s why you’re losing. If you are correctly playing premium hands and assessing the board correctly you will win.

Of course there would be one or two bad beats that you’ll take – that’s just poker – but the point is because you will have the pure probability and odds on your side every time you will win over the course of the game. The calling station might take one or two hands but you will dominate them really fast.

Calling stations are the easiest players to beat however a lot of players often have problems with them. That’s usually because they themselves are trying to play too fancy a game, getting loose and aggressive and trying to be smart. These more advanced tactics don’t work against “dumb” players like calling stations.

If you want to know how to beat calling stations every time simply go back to basics and just follow the 3 fundamental steps I have provided in this articles. It won’t take you too long to start steamrolling them when you slap pure odds in their face and make them pay to play!

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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