Improving Post Flop Play – 7 Tips To Improve Your Post Flop Game

Looking for some info on improving your post flop play? Need some good pointers that are proven to work and easy to do? Read this article now.

There are so many facets of Texas Hold Em to master. There is improving pre flop game, improving post flop play, refining your play style and cultivating yourself as a truly skilled poker player. I’m going to reveal 7 tips to help you improve your post flop play.

Improving Your Post Flop Play Is Easier Than You Think

  1. For starters you need to watch your opponents better. Half of what you do should be based on how they are acting and reacting, betting or checking/calling/folding etc. By watching you opponents you will have an indication at what moves are even available (or worth doing).
  2. Play to your opponents style of play. If you know one person is really tight and he is hitting hard, and you don’t exactly have the best hand, maybe you could fold this one. Or if you know one bloke is a calling station you wouldn’t bother bluffing either. Take into account your opponents style of play
  3. Put each play on a hand. This is pretty difficult, especially when you’re starting, but you need to increase your skill in this area. By guessing or putting your opponent on a certain hand you will have a feeling where you stand and can bet/play accordingly.
  4. Have a betting strategy. Before you even get to the flop you should have an idea about how you will bet and the image/style you want to present at the table. Remember everyone is watching you and trying to ‘figure you out’ so you have to feed them something you can utilize.
  5. Stick to your strategy – aka be congruent. What this means is if you are always playing aggressively you need to keep doing this. If you check post flop you won’t be improving your chances because everyone will realise you don’t have anything good.
  6. Be careful with early table positions. Early positions are hard because you don’t know what everyone else has. They will be working off what you are doing. If you don’t have a very solid hand – if you didn’t hit – just fold and don’t bother.
  7. Abuse late positions to the end. This is where you can really take the cake. You can act on what everyone else has done. If everyone is calling/checking then use a continuation bet to possibly take the pot. You can play worse cards in late positions and try to bluff even if you didn’t hit.

These tips will help on your quest of improving post flop play. Try them the next time your are the poker table.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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