If You Are Losing Money Playing Poker Then You May Need Some Texas Holdem Advice

This article contains advanced Texas Holdem advice you can use to profit more at the poker table. If you have a basic grasps of Holdem and are looking to take it to the next level this article is for you. Read it now.

Texas Holdem Advice #1 – Knowing When to Bet and when to Raise

Once you have a good strategy planned and have also studied other player’s playing strategies, put them into good use by knowing the correct timing to raise. Raising may accomplish two things: more money if you win the pot and making others believe you have the best thus making them fold.

Texas Holdem Advice #2 – Knowing When to Fold

Some players cannot draw a line between raising and folding. Understanding when to do one and not the other can be crucial to your game. If you are not sure of the hand you hold, fold rather than raise.

Texas Holdem Advice #3 – Bluff with Caution

Bluffing is generally done so that players that have average hands may think you have a better hand and thus fold in the process. Do this with caution. Those that re raise may have a good hand (and one that will probably yours!) and may cause you to lose. Learn how to bluff while being wary of other players and their hands.

Texas Holdem Advice #4 – Vary Your Play

Being ‘consistently inconsistent’ may be one of the best poker strategies you can apply. If you always bet when your cards are good and fold is they are not, you stand a chance on being constant and predictable. Don’t let other know what your pattern is. Vary your playing strategy on every hand

More Holdem Advice #5 – The Kicker

Good kickers make the odds of you winning bigger. Ensure as much as possible that you have a good kicker on your side in case another player shares the same hand you have.

Even More Advice #6 – Your Starting Hands

You starting hands are already onsets of how you will end up playing. Understand when to raise and fold based on your hole cards.

The best starting hands usually area AA, KK and QQ or AK, AQ or KQ. Along the same lines, if your hole cards are of different low value suits, folding may be your best option.

A quality Texas Holdem Poker player needs to understand that sometimes the very act of folding is what is required to win. Take this advice and choose your battles wisely.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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