NL Hold Em Tips – How To Master Pot Odds Without Even Practicing

Utilizing these NL Hold Em tips you can master pot odds and outs and exploit them for real cash at the poker table. Plus, you don’t even have to practice. Read this article now to discover how.

You don’t have to be playing poker to get good at it. You don’t have to practice pot odds to be able to become a master in them. These NL Hold Em tips are going to teach you how you can become a master without even sitting down at a poker table.

#1 NL Hold Em Tip How To Master Pot Odds

First things first is you’ll need to learn what pot odds are (if you don’t know what they are). Hit up your favorite search engine and start pumping in searches.

Once you know what pot odds are and how to calculate them, it’s time to do some scenarios. Grab a piece of paper and write down some basic hands.

#2 NL Hold Em Tip How To Master Pot Odds

For starters, say you get dealt K-Qs and the flop drops As-Qh-9d rainbow. You now need to add up all your outs to calculate your odds. Then, figure out how large the pot would have to be to get an appropriate return to be able to call. What are your pot odds?

#3 NL Hold Em Tip How To Master Pot Odds

After doing this the slow and steady way on a piece of paper (and making a few mistakes. ie. did you include the extra outs for making a runner runner flush in the previous example?) you will be able to do this extremely slowly in your brain. That’s great.

The next part is what takes the patience and diligence. You need to sit there and start doing these calculations in your head. It may take some time to be able to effectively do it, and you’ll need to double check on a piece of paper, but once you can do it relatively fast in your head that’s great.

If you’ve done all these things in this order you will now be able to calculate pot odds and outs and be quite proficient at it, and you haven’t even played a single card of poker to master this skill.

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