Poker: Passive and Aggressive – The Difference Revealed

Its easy to get confused when playing poker. Passive and aggressive players are two different types of players in the game. But what is really the difference between passive and aggressive? Read on to find out.

Poker: Passive and Aggressive – Whats The Difference Between Passive And Aggressive?

You can play poker passive or aggressive. Passive and aggressive are two different types of players that play poker. There is quite a bit of difference between the two and both have their advantages and weaknesses.

Whoever you are, I know that you, like me, are interested in poker. That’s why your spending your time wisely reading this article. If you’re struggling with making distinctions like what is passive and aggressive or tight or loose, take a deep breath and relax. Let us take aim at the issue here. In fact, we are going to nail it down right now.

The Type Of Players You’re Up Against

In poker, passive and aggressive are words used to describe the type of player you are up against. Now, a type of player may play in a different style throughout the game. They may play one way early on and then change later. But, there will be a fundamental essence that remains. You can call this their type. Usually it’s very hard for a player to change their type. They just are who they are. Some people are born some ways and others are born in different ways.

Don’t get passive and aggressive confused with tight and loose. These are extremely different things. Tight and loose describe a players style. So you can in fact have a tight-aggressive and loose-aggressive and even a tight-passive or loose-passive.

So What Is Passive And Aggressive?

These terms describe how a player bets his money/chips. A passive player will often bet less, or more timidly, then an aggressive player. An aggressive player will often bet more, or more brashly, then a passive player. A great rule of thumb I use is that passive players call or check whereas aggressive players either raise or reraise.

Both players will play different cards at different times and call in different situations. The point is that they will have a certain inclination to betting their money. Risk-averse people will want to bet less so they lose less. Other people aren’t scared of losing money and will bet heaps. These players are aggressive. Often they use the line ‘You gotta spend money to make money.’

Why This Matters More Then Anything

Its important for you to watch the other poker players at the table. Are they passive or aggressive? It is vital to know this because once you know a players type you can guess (with pretty good accuracy) what type of move they will make.

If you’re in the pot with an aggressive guy then you know that if you raise, he is likely to reraise. If you have good cards maybe you want this to increase the pot, if you have bad cards you can determine this player won’t be fooled.

If you’re in the pot with a passive person then you know that if you don’t raise then neither will they. If you have good cards you don’t want this, so don’t bother check-raising. If you have bad cards but want to make it to the next draw, then maybe you can sneak by.

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