Setting Poker Goals – 3 Tips On How To Set Poker Goals

Setting Poker goals, just like setting any goals, is vitally important if you ever expect to improve and move forward. Having a solid poker plan will ensure you progress and become a better Texas Hold Em Poker player.

Setting Poker Goals

We’re coming round to the end of the year again. December is here, Christmas is just around the corner and before you know it we’re all going to be blasted into the New Year. That’s why setting poker goals now is so vitally important.

With New Years come new beginnings. All talk of the town and pretty much everywhere else is ‘What are you doing next year?’ Are you setting any goals and objectives? Any new year resolutions? How are you going to make it any different or better?’

How Is Setting Poker Goals Going To Advance You?

The real question for me is this:

  • How am I going to advance my own Hold Em Poker game?
  • What am I going to focus on and practice this year round?
  • How am I going to make sure I become a better poker player?
  • What poker goals am I going to be setting to keep me to this commitment?

I could work on my cash game or tournament game. I can practice my betting or odds. I can become better at bluffing or at playing hard draws. I can practice playing from different positions or isolating opponents. I could even work on playing on tilt, staying off tilt, or making other players tilt.

Whatever you decide to practice just remember that concentrated effort brings concentrated results.

Setting Poker Goals; How, Why and When

People from all walks off life will attest to the benefits of setting goals. People love setting all types of goals, whether it’s setting life goals, setting financial goals or setting career goals or setting work goals, there are definitely benefits in setting realistic goals and achieving them.

This goes for setting poker goals too.

I don’t think it matters too much how you set your goals as long as they are clear enough that you understand what they mean and they have a definite time-frame attached to them (so they don’t just keep going on forever).

2 Ways Of Setting Poker Goals

You can set goals however you like but it’s important to distinguish between the following two ways.

Tangible – a tangible goal is something that you can actually feel, touch, use etc. This type of goal would be ‘a new car’, ‘lose 20 pounds’ or ‘go on holidays to Australia’.

Setting a poker goal like this could be ‘make $10,000 this year playing poker’.

Intangible – intangible goals are slightly different – they are to attain something that you can’t specifically measure in a tangible way. Examples of this would be ‘play the violin well’ or ‘communicate better’. What is well? What is better?

Using tangible goals as signposts to achieving intangible goals is an effective strategy.

Say you wanted to master the violin. You could say ‘practice 4 hours a day’ which you can measure. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are a master. You could set a goal ‘be able to play <insert difficult violin song here> ‘ (notice my obvious elegance with classical music). Once you could play this difficult song that would indicate you had mastered the violin.

If you wanted to become a master of poker, how do you know you are a master? You could set a goal ‘win the World Poker Tour’. Or maybe becoming a master to you is ‘making $1000 a week playing poker’. Very tangible.

The Last Yet Most Important Thing About Setting Poker Goals

Setting poker goals is basically useless without a plan to achieve those goals.

I’m going the reveal the exact way I am going to be setting my poker goals for next year in my next post. Check it out now here: Setting Holdem Goals – Do You Have A Plan?

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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