Strategies For Texas Hold Em – The 4 Best Strategies Revealed

Need some strategies for Texas Hold Em in order to win more easily? Look no further than this amazing article revealing on the best for you.

In this article I will cover some of the best strategies for Texas Hold Em Poker. If you are looking to go from a run-of-the-mill player to a pro then this article is definitely for you.

Strategies For Texas Hold Em – Learn These Strategies For Success

It is my hope that anyone reading this information will use these strategies to make themselves a better Texas Hold Em player.


The first strategy that I would like to cover is playing with very tight aggression or commonly referred to as “TAG”.

The TAG strategy is played by being very picky of the hands played and attacking like a wild savage when you finally do choose a hand to play. This strategy works like a charm because it is displays power, is safe and yields a very high ROI or rate of return.


The second strategy is playing aggressively loose and if you are thinking that it is pretty much like playing the opposite of the TAG strategy then you are right for the most part.

Playing loosely aggressive or “LAG” requires a bit more skill than TAG and it becomes more important that you to know a lot about the players that are sitting at the table with you.

It has argued that this particular strategy it the best at putting more money in your pocket.


The next strategy is playing passive aggressive or more commonly known as the “PAG” strategy.

To use the PAG method a player has to play possum for a while until other plays let their guards down and then out of nowhere pull out the big guns and fire at will.

Alternating Between TAG and LAG

The last and probably the best of all strategies for Texas Hold Em that I will cover will be a combination of TAG and LAG.

As you probably can already imagine successfully blending these two methods together can even put the even the best Poker player flat on his back.

I hope these strategies for Texas Hold Em have been enlightening and have opened your eyes to the many successful possibilities that are available to you in Hold Em Poker.

The thing is, you really need to know how to implement these strategies properly if you ever want to win. That’s why I’d suggest you continue right now to learn more on how to properly play them.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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