Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – 9 Of The Coolest Tips You Can Really Use Now

In this article I am going to reveal 9 very cool Texas Hold Em Poker tips you can learn and use right now to make more money at the poker table. Don’t miss out on this one because it’s a killer.

The following Texas Hold Em Poker tips are the coolest. You will be able to immediately use them and improve your game. If you didn’t know these, or realize where you aren’t actually doing these, make sure you do what it takes to incorporate them into your game. Learn what you gotta learn or practice what you gotta practice, just get it done.

  • You really gotta watch who you are playing against. Analyze all the players at the table and figure out their type, play style, card ranges and anything else you can as soon as possible.
  • Base all you bets and play strictly on pot odds. This way, you will always win in the long run.
  • Never ever be too passive. This is asking for trouble. Maintain pot control by being the first to bet out.
  • Don’t get too caught up on getting dealt an ace hand. Unless there is a good kicker it’s not actually that strong
  • Getting dealt pockets that are suited only really increases your chances of winning by 3%. The real strength is in the rank of the cards.
  • Always analyze the preflop raises to determine the tables average preflop raise. Then bet just over it to came across as having a good hand.
  • Target players with average stacks. They still have something to lose so are more likely to fold if they need to. Big stacks may be a bit too cocky and small stacks might be too desperate
  • Always sit down on the left of loose players and the right of tight players. That way you will lose less pots to the loose players playing crazy and will also be able to steal the chips of the tight players.
  • You’ve really get to have a strategy for going all in and dealing with all ins, like the one I share around. This will mean you really have a bullet proof and will never waste a whole sessions winnings on one wrong call.

I’m sure you are aware of how powerfully cool these Texas Hold Em Poker tips are and which ones you are missing from your game. Make sure you take action now to continue on to improve your game for the better.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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