Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – How To Play The Worst Hands

Sometimes you have to play the worst hands in order to win Texas Hold Em Poker. Read my Texas Hold Em Poker tips below to understand how.

Raising big with very plain hands is sometimes a very effective method of varying your style of play to maintain the randomness and constant confusion that is imperative to playing Texas Hold Em Poker effectively. This is a favourite method of many top players and is one of the most common tips around. However, sometimes this strategy can be misguided if you are a very new beginner, and sticking to a more reliable strategy may be more appropriate if you haven’t exactly fine-tuned your game yet.

When you raise before the flop with a completely shocking hand, Like a 7-2 or 9-3, you main plan for doing this is to scare everyone off so you can steal the pot. You will get the small and big blind, and if you are lucky a bit of a small raise from someone infront of you, and these small gains can do wonders for slowly but surely building your stack. When you see pros do this, please understand they aren’t raising on the strength of the hole cards – there is no strength, in fact there is less then strength they are a burden – they are raising in an attempt to make a quick steal of the pot. If someone did call their raise, they are also confiding in pure luck to hit something on the flop. Because, for example, the person that called them would have great cards like A-K or K-Q or a very high pair, but the bluffer will have something like 6-2 or 7-3, so they are hoping the flop is mostly low cards so they pull maybe some pairs or a chance at a low straight. Get the picture?

This has added value because say for example you have a 6-3, quite poor cards, and you raise. You opponent calls and the flop comes out 7-5-4. For someone with A-A, K-K, or other premium cards this is a shocking flop. Because your opponent probably thinks you have good cards like this – why else would you raise so much? – they have almost no chance of putting you on the straight. This makes for a nasty suprise for them and enables you to make a grab at an even bigger portion of their stack.

Remember though, you don’t always make those lucky flops. The crux of the strategy is to scare people into folding early on so you can steal the small and big blinds, and maybe some ante’s if thats on the table. If this Texas Hold Em Poker tips played properly, its not played all the time. Do not do it all the time or it won’t work properly. Vary your style of play to keep your opponents guessing, thats the best way to win Texas Hold Em Poker.

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