Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – How To Vary Your Style Of Play

When you play Texas Hold Em Poker you need to be able to vary your style of play. These Texas Hold Em Poker tips will help you do this.

Alot of Texas Hold Em Poker books that contain tips and tricks will talk about how important having a good starting hand is in your overall strategy to winning pots. However, you may have seen, either on the Internet or TV, professionals playing almost any hand and winning. How can this be so? In fact, unknown to you, their actions probably fall within a carefully thought out strategy for confusing and attacking their opponents.

The reason they play more hands is to vary their style of play to keep their competition guessing what they have. If they play to tight all the time their opponents will know that when they raise they have something good, or if they are always playing loose their raises will never be taken completely seriously. One of the most important things you can do when playing No Limit Texas Hold Em PokerĀ is to conceal the quality of your hand. You do this by varying your style of play, so that no matter what you have the other players can’t put you on a specific hand at any given time.

New players will always assume that you have a great hand if you raise big. Experienced players know this so sometimes raise when they only have small cards. This is the essence of the bluff. To pull it off, the experienced players never play the same hand the same way – they are always mixing it up. If you constantly play similar hands in a simliar fashion you will become too predictable and be an easy read.

One effective way to vary your style of play is by basing it on the opponents your are versing. If a certain player is dancing in and out of every pot, always calling and raising, playing really loose, then if he raises and you have a good hand like an A-K, you can safely guess that he probably doesn’t have a fantastic hand, so you can move all in to steal the pot. However, if you are versing a extremely tight player who only ever enters a pot when he has pure gold cards, if he raised, even if you had an A-K you could fold them down and not bother messing with him. This is an example of how you can vary your style of play.

Keep in mind you are never going to make 100% completely correct judgments 100% of the time. And you are never going to vary your style of play enough, correctly, or in the best situations. Everyone makes mistakes, we are all only human. My Texas Hold Em Poker tips and tricks are all for practicing, trying out, testing etc so you can increase the quality of your Texas Hold Em Poker game.

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