Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Knowing Other Players Hands

This Texas Hold Em Poker tips about knowing what hands the other players have because it tips you off to how you should play your Texas Hold Em Poker game for that round.

Sensing weakness and putting your competition on a specific hand is a downright imperative skill to have if you ever want to be a winner at No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker. If you can do this you can essentially win with any cards. It doesn’t matter what cards you get dealt, how strong your pocket is or not, when you can correctly guess what your opponent has you can bet effectively enough to force them into a corner.

With enough practice at the guessing game – continually guessing and checking, guessing and checking – you will be able to more and more accurately know what hands the other players have. You will eventually get it right more times then you think. “He has a pair of queens” or “I think he is drawing for a straight” are examples of what your internal chatter should sound like. Finally, when the cards are face up at the end of the game, you backtrack and check what your thoughts where and what infact happened. You can clearly see how close you came to getting it right.

Take an example of some internal dialogue. Say you get dealt an A-5 and your up against another opponent. In fact he got dealt an A-7, but you dont know this. You raise a little to get to the flop and he calls and follows. The flop comes, A-4-3. Your opponent raises! Put yourself in this position. Your opponent has just lead out on the flop when an ace drops. “What does he have?” is what you should be thinking. You may draw this conclusion: if the opponent has an ace he has a weak ace, because he only checked after the inital raise before the flop. If he had an A-K or A-Q he would have most definitely reraised. We can extend that: would the opponent lead out with aces up or maybe trips? If the opponent had of flopped a hand like that would he have raised? Probably not he might have checked to lure your into a trap. Is the player agressive or tight, is this his normal betting strategy or not? “What do I think he has and whats the best betting strategy to negate this?”. Maybe the solution would be if you really think he has a weak aces, come over the top of him heavy. He surely won’t have the guts to risk his stack. This is just an example of internal dialogue that should be running through your mind at games, ok?

Being able to correctly put another player on a hand and know what cards he has is what seperates the winners from the losers. Its what makes the professionals the pros and the ameteurs going home broke at the end of the day. When you continually practice the guessing game, and get better at it, your overall Texas Hold Em PokerĀ game will dramatically improve and you will become a better poker player. The tide then tips to your favour. When you become a better player you will win more pots, and as you win pots you will become a better player, and the cycle will continue; this is this Texas Hold Em Poker tips goal.

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