Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Think Your Hands Through

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Think Your Hands Through

This Texas Hold em Poker tips all about taking the time to think your hand through, and not rushing into a decision you may regret later.

Taking time to think things through is very important in Texas Hold em Poker because it potentially tips the game into your favour. When its your turn to act, you don’t have to do it immediately. You aren’t being forced. Its not like someone has a gun to your head forcing you to take your move in the next three seconds. You shouldn’t rush yourself. Many new Texas hold em poker players, for one reason or another, try to make quick moves. They try to do all their thinking while its the other players turns, not completely registering that players move and including it in the decision making process. You need to take enough time to think things through.

Now, no one likes a lengthy deliberations ever single time there’s a move – you definitely do not want to slow the game down to extremes. But you are allowed to take the time to think about key moves you have to make. Your allowed to pause to think over the situation. If the person in front of you has just called or raised, you are in your rights to think about that, think about how you should act or react and make your move. When you review the betting action that took place in front of you, you can calculate your actual odds of winning, consider the opponent, who else your up against, and then you make your move.

A secondary benefit of thinking before you act is after the fact, you won’t end up second guessing yourself nearly as often. You won’t ever think to yourself ‘Maybe I should have folded when he raised so much” or things like “If I had of thought it through I probably would have…”. All of those debilitating second guess thoughts most people go through after the lose a pot, take a bad beat, make the wrong decision, or think they did, end up taking a toll on you, psychologically.

I’m sure you’ve been at a table, someone’s made a move, and the next guy is just sitting their blankly. Staring at the cards. You’re all thinking “What is this guy doing? Come on!”. In all probability he is actually calculating some pot odds. Based on his pockets, whats on the board, the big blinds, the pot, the raise that last guy just made, he is calculating how much to bet or if its even worth bothering. This is in fact a very helpful strategy if you can do it. Thinking things through has its benefits. So the next time your playing a pot, and your up, take this Texas Hold em Poker tips advice and think it through a little bit.

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