Texas Hold Em Tactics – Do You Make These 3 Common Poker Mistakes?

Avoiding common mistakes when implementing your Texas Hold Em Tactics is important if you are ever going to make real money in poker.

Texas Hold Em Tactics Are Important

Your Texas Hold Em Tactics need to be sound, your strategy needs to be well thought out and you play-style needs to be well rounded and strong. There are certain critical components that are required to be successful in Texas Hold Em Poker. Without these you won’t be a winner.

Critical Mistakes Will Destroy You

Beyond a good strategy and craft texas hold em tactics to implement, if you are making critical mistakes you surely will lose over the long term. Lots of players make these common mistakes, even really good players. Texas Hold Em can sometimes get a grip of you and scruff you up. Suddenly you’re doing things that were in the plan and are convincing yourself its ok.

Mistake #1 Calling With Nothing

The first biggest mistake you can possibly make is to call when you have nothing. Calling another players raise when you have nothing is just asking for trouble. It’s not aggressive it’s passive. It’s not tight it’s loose. A passive loose style has got to be the worst play style around. If you are calling other players bets when you don’t even have a hand, stop that.

Mistake #2 Calling With Something

The flip side is when you actually do have something but still call. This is a big mistake lots of players make. A better move to make would be to bet! To raise! Raise them if you have something. When you only call you give the control to the other players. When you raise you take that control for yourself. If you are calling other players bets when you have good cards, raise them instead.

Mistake #3 Playing Beyond The Flop With Nothing

I left this for last even though its the biggest and worst mistake people often make. There is always the very rare situation why you would be betting beyond the flop with nothing, like if you out-stacked the opponent 10 to 1 and were doing a bluff. For the most part you don’t want to be venturing past the flop if you have nothing. If you have no cards, not even a pair, don’t bet any money on the flop or venture past it. Overall you will lose money if you do.

Making common poker mistakes is, well, common. No matter what Texas Hold Em Tactics you implement you need to stick to good knowhow and the tried and true methods. Don’t bet a bunch of chips if you don’t have good cards. If you have good cards, bet! Being aggressive is one of the best play styles you can do.

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