Texas Hold Em Tactics – How I Identify Weak Players To Bully

Identifying weak players and then bullying the hell out of them is one of the Texas Hold Em Tactics that lays dear to my heart.

One of my favourite Texas Hold Em Tactics is to identify weak players and then bully them to death. Well, until they have no money at least. Targeting weak players has got to be one of the most fun and exciting things you can do when playing texas hold em. There’s something satisfying of drilling your opponents into the ground and pillaging all their money.

One Of The Cruelest Texas Hold Em Tactics

This has got to be one of the cruelest Texas Hold Em Tactics you can do. If you are the type of person that’s concerned with people’s feelings, what they think of you, and if their feelings could get hurt then this strategy isn’t for you. If your all up for crushing everything that stands in your way and taking all the money you can well read on!

Don’t Just Bully Anyone

You can’t just bully anyone. The reason this Texas Hold Em Tactics so effective is because you bully the people that aren’t going to fight back; you bully the weaklings. Weaklings are passive players and/or tight players. Passive players generally only call or check so you get to attack first. Tight players will only play good cards so will fold if they have nothing.

How I Identify Weak Players

I’m going to provide a long list of items that may indicate player is weak, or has weaknesses in some areas. I’ve structured the statements so the more ‘YES’ you answer the weaker the player is. The more ‘NO’ you answer means the player is strong. Don’t bother attacking strong players. Identifying the weak players to bully is this Texas Hold Em Tactics goal.

- When first up do they check?
- Do they check whenever they can?
- Do they only call other players raises, never reraising?
- Do they only play a pot very rarely?
- When they win do they always have premium cards?
- Do they only have pairs/pockets/trips when they win? (as opposed to straights and flushes)
- Do they often fold when they are in the big blind?
- Do they often fold when they are in the small blind?
- When antes come in in tournament play, do they still fold often?
- When in very late positions, do they just check and call everyone before them?
- After the flop hits and they don’t fold, will they just often check or call?
- When past the turn and river and at a showdown do they just often check or call?
- Do they usually fold at the flop, not often playing past it?
- Is there any sort of threshold that you can see they won’t bet over and above?
- Is their stack relatively small compared to yours?
- Has this player never check-raised in this game yet?
- Are they not really more protective of the big blind more then the small blind?
- Do they bet only the minimum amount to raise if they ever do?

Real Texas Hold Em
- Does their body language indicate no confidence?
- Do they take a lot of time to think about their moves?
- Do they show facial expressions of disgust, anger, or uncertainty.
- Are they sidetracked from the game, like looking around, watching tv etc?
- Do they look weak? (bit of an assumption but I find its sometimes true.)

This should be enough to get you started on this Texas Hold Em Tactics goal, which is to help you identify the weak players you can bully. When you think that a certain player is weak you need to aggressively attack them.

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