Texas Hold Em Tips – 4 Ways To Hold Beginners For Ransom

These 4 Texas Hold Em Tips will teach you the ins and outs of absolutely dominating beginner players. Read this article now to learn how.

Texas Hold Em Tips 1) Using Pure Odds Against Them

Most novice players do not quite understand the odds. Sure, they know three of a kind is better than two pair, but they have no idea of their chances of getting either.

You can use to your advantage because you can stack the odds in your favor by playing only the hands you are more likely to win. They will not do it on your hands, so you will take wins when they should not have been in hand anyway.

Texas Hold Em Tips 2) Optimize Your Aggressive Play

Newbie players probably understand the basics of rising. They know that rising can be used for or against a hand, you can check or make a check-raise, and generally people with good hands will bet with them.

You can use this against them, for a beginner is more likely to believe that when you make a big bet, you have a good hand – even if you do not. So using an aggressive style of play, and follow up with continuation bets can often be very beneficial.

Texas Hold Em Tips 3) Abuse Your Position Without Stopping

Beginners hardly ever use position in the table. They have no idea of the dynamics of the table and how the money flows clockwise.

You can use to your advantage as a beginner will have on almost everybody when he plays. When you have the upper hand because of your position at the table, you can abuse this. Increase your profits or cut your losses – either way you’ll come first.

Texas Hold Em Tips 4) Put Thew On A Style ASAP

Beginners tend to be easy to read and you should be able to quickly figure out what style they are using. It’s going to be valuable for you to know if they are a calling station, passive or whatever they are.

Once you identify their style you can abuse it. For example, you could make sure not to bluff a calling station, or you could modify your betting patterns if they were passive.

So it does not matter if they are tight, loose, young, old, experienced or completely new – there is always a specific technique you can use to maximize your profits while protecting your back. Use these Texas Hold Em tips the next time you’re at a table with a newbie and see how they do to increase your overall profitability.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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