Texas Holdem – 3 Secrets To Successfully Going All In To Win The Pot

Its nothing new in Texas Holdem to go all in and win the pot. Though there are better ways of doing this compared to others. I’m going to share 3 secrets to successfully going all in to win the pot.

In No Limit Texas Holdem, the idea of going all in to win the pot is probably one of the most common thoughts that pass through players minds. This strategy is laden with benefits and risk, all amplified by a hundred. There is no feeling like when you go all in and someone calls you and you double your stack instantly. Likewise, nothing feels as bad as going all in and losing, being out of the game having lost a truckload of money.

The following secrets will help you play Texas Holdem and successfully go all in to win the pot. Players that successfully go all in and win pots often will usually be incorporating these secrets when they play.

Texas Holdem All In Win The Pot Secret #1

Don’t punt, calculate. Great players rarely ever just go all in on a whim and hope for the best. More likely they have meticulously calculated their odds of winning, compared to the pot size and what they stand to win if someone calls and go all in when the odds are stacked extraordinarily in their favour. This is the number one secret to increasing your ‘all in success to failure ratio’. If you want to get savvy with all in’s then start implementing this crucial secret.

Texas Holdem All In Win The Pot Secret #2

Massive pots deserve all in’s. When a pot is getting huge in the middle of the table it is practically screaming all in. Here are just a few reasons for this.

#1 By now you’ve already put a lot of your stack into the pot
#2 Other players will be tempted to call because they too have already put so many chips into the pot (and they don’t want to realise this loss)
#3 If no one does call you get a nice juicy reward

Texas Holdem All In Win The Pot Secret #3

Go all in when you have more chips then your opponent. You might not necessarily be the chip leader at the table but if the chip leader isn’t in the current hand and the particular opponent you are against right now has a smaller stack then you consider abusing this and going all in. Even if you lose you won’t be out of the game. Obviously you aren’t planning to lose but this small safety net might be just what it takes to push you over the edge and make the decision to all in. On the other hand, going all in against someone with more chips then you isn’t a good idea.

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