Texas Holdem Poker Tips – 2 Tips That Practically Make You Win

Are you displeased with your current success playing Poker. Sick of losing money? Read these Texas Holdem Poker tips now then.

Texas Holdem is often more fun when you are winning then you are losing. Sometimes when you lose it can be interesting because you are learning and growing, but for most people the rush comes from winning a huge pot.

It’s a lot easier to win playing Holdem when you learn Texas Holdem Poker tips on how to become a much better player. That’s why I am going to some of these with you today.

Texas Holdem Poker Tips That Practically Make You Win #1

The first tip is on how to properly play middle and small pocket pairs. There are a few different types of pocket pairs – massive, big, medium and small. Massive are aces, kings and queens. Big are Jacks, tens, and nines. Medium are eights, sevens, sixes and fives. And smalls are fours, threes and twos.

Now, it’s easy to play these incorrectly. So, what you need to remember is that with small and medium pocket pairs you want to see the flop, but if you don’t hit a set then fold out.

Your chances of winning with just a middle pair are very low. If the board is paired so you have two pair that is bad because someone will likely have the third card trips. So remember, hit the set or fold.

Texas Holdem Poker Tips That Practically Make You Win #2

The next tip is on how to keep your stack nice and healthy when you aren’t getting dealt anything good. What you need to do is steal the blinds. Now, people commonly know how to do this, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret on how to do it better.

Blind Steal #1 – You are on the button or cutoff, everyone folds or limps in around to you. You make a large bet and everyone will probably fold.

Blind Steal #2 – You are in the small blind. Everyone folds or limps around, including the button. You make a large bet to steal just the big blind.

Blind Steal #3 – You are in the big blind. Everyone folds or limps around. You make a large bet and steal the calls and small blind. Also, in this scenario, if a late position player makes a large bet as he commonly does, you can come over the top of him.

Can you imagine being able to consistently and easily make money playing Texas Holdem Poker? You would be feeling powerful and free. Think about what you would do with all the money and free time. You would be saying to yourself ‘Life is so much better and easier now.”

Well, you can achieve this quite easily. The quickest way to do so is to go out and learn as much as you can about poker in a short amount of time, and then practice and perfect that. You will become profitable very quickly. So the next time you see an opportunity to learn more about poker, like some more Texas Holdem Poker tips, don’t hesitate to take it.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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