Texas Holdem – Warning: 3 Dangers When You All In To Win The Pot

In the game of Texas Holdem, anyone can go all in and win the pot. Due to the success of this method many players like to go all in often. However, you need to be careful of the major dangers of going all in. Read on to find them out.

Its very common for Texas Holdem players who, after they go all in win the pot. Its a very effective strategy that can provide many benefits to a player. You can steal chips with poor cards or take massive and double your stack, or more, instantly! Once you’ve gone all in players must too bet all their chips to contest you. Most players avoid this due to the perceived risk and the amount they’ll lose – all their stack.

But there are a few major dangers you need to watch out for when playing Texas Holdem and going all in to win the pot. You need to be aware of these before you take the punt and go all in.

Texas Holdem All In Win The Pot Danger #1

Going all in when really you dont have anything. This is a scare tactic and really, when it boils down to it, is a humungous bluff. Don’t get me wrong, this can actually be a very effective tactic but you need to be aware of the dangers. If someone calls you then you are probably, how should I put it… screwed. You will lose a lot of chips and look pretty stupid. Not to mention how you will feel…

Texas Holdem All In Win The Pot Danger #2

Going all in when your stack size is too small. If your stack size is too small when you go all in it won’t mean anything. Players will call you without thinking just to keep your truthful. If you have better cards then them it may work out but really in this situation you are vulnerable to losing everything at the drop of a hat. No one likes having a small stack and the idea is that you don’t get to that position in the first place. But if you are there just think about your risk compared to your opponents risk when making your bet.

Texas Holdem All In Win The Pot Danger #3

Going all in before the flop. When you go all in before the flop with hold cards like AA, AK or KK you are taking a big risk. I know these cards have the best chance of winning but Texas Holdem hardly plays out by the book. You might find that when doing these stunts sooner or later you will get bitten. Again, I’m not writing this off as a no-go zone but just be acutely aware of the dangers that come with this tactic.

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