Tips On Holdem – How The Pro’s Do it

If your searching for Tips on Holdem, this one will definitely help you. I’ll give you some insight into how the pro’s do it.

No matter how much strategy, tricks or tips on holdem you find, you won’t be able to truly succeed unless you do the couple of things that the pros do. I always get asked the question ‘How do the pros do it?’

Professional poker players, like you see on TV playing WPT, are exactly that: professionals. They make Texas Hold Em Poker look easy. The thing is, you have no idea what is going on in their brains. If you could know, you would probably be astonished of all the things they are thinking. They are going a million miles an hour, calculating and recalculating everything. They can do this because they have had so much practice a lot of it is automatic. The pro’s can do the fancy moves because they have had so much practice.

On top of their experience they have targeted knowledge. They know the probability tables back to front, they have studied human body language to read peoples faces better, they know ever single poker tip, trick and strategy in the book (heck some of the time they wrote the book). This knowledge, coupled with the countless hours of experience is how they do it.

So, sorry to break the bad news, but the only way to get good at poker, and anything for that matter, is to get targeted specific knowledge and then practice the implementation of that knowledge.

Another important point about playing poker: its all about reputation. If you have a reputation you can leverage that rep’ to be successful. Back to the pros, this is how they do it. They all have a reputation. Some have rep’s for playing all-in (so other players are constantly scared because at any time they might all-in), some have reps for playing super aggressive (so other players may not even both trying to play because they know they will have to bet a lot), and some are known for being super tight, or loose cannons. Whatever the rep’ they have, everyone knows them for something and they are leveraging that.

So no matter how many tips on holdem you find and learn, it won’t mean diddly-squat unless you actually practice the implementation of the knowledge. There is nothing that can replace countless hours in the poker rooms, playing hand after hand after hand. Have you ever heard the saying ‘practice makes perfect’? Well they lied to you, it doesn’t. ‘PERFECT practice makes perfect’. So when your practice, make sure you’re doing all those things you know you should, reading peoples hands, identifying the type and style, calculating odds, sticking to your strategy, building and maintaining a rep. Then you will find all the tips on holdem that you learnt finally start coming together.

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