Holdem Tournament Strategies – Bluffing Your Way To A Win

See here the best Holdem Tournament Strategies! Bluff your way to a win at Holdem Tournaments. Its one of the most lucrative Holdem Tournament Strategies.

Bluffing your way to a win is one of the greatest holdem tournament strategies there is. We all know the standard and safe holdem tournament strategies like choosing your starting hands carefully, double-checking before calling or raising and never venturing past the flop unless you have a great hand. Bluffing however is one of the more advanced, cut-throat methods of winning pots.

Bluffing is one of the best holdem tournament strategies

How many times have you been playing no limit holdem and wanted to bluff a big win? We’ve all seen it in World Poker Tour holdem tournaments where the player utilises a bunch of different strategies and then seals the deal with a complete bluff. The difference between the average holdem player in a general tournament and the professional poker player is that the expert knows when its the right time to bluff and when to actually go through with it.

An interesting thing is this. When you bluff, try to bluff against good players. Do not bluff against bad players. The reason is simple: good players calculate hands well and are willing to fold when they think they are beat. They do this to cut losses and generally its good poker. Bad players just have no idea and are slightly ignorant. They may not know that you have a good hand, or are pretending to have a good hand, and may just call in. If you’re bluffing at these players it could come to bite you in the behind.

Follow through with your bluff

If your going to successfully implement the most lucrative of holdem tournament strategies you need to grasp the point of following through with your bluff. Sometimes you need to follow through from the flop with a second attack on the turn and maybe even a third on the river. Many average players are willing to shoot at the flop but if they get called they won’t play on. Real champions know when they can overcome their opponent with fear and will keep firing for as long as it takes to force them down.

You can bluff your way to a win

It truly takes some heart to bluff. You need to have heart if you are ever going to be a champion at holdem. Many holdem tournament strategies will stress the importance of playing it safe, staying in there – surviving – because once your out of a tournament your out. This doesn’t completely support the essence of poker and especially no limit holdem. The best no limit holdem tournament strategies know how to work with and take advantage of the ability to bet any amount at any time.

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