Holdem Tournament Strategies – Stealing Blinds For Success

Read on for great Holdem Tournament Strategies. When playing in a Holdem Tournaments, stealing blinds is one of the best Holdem Tournament Strategies.

When your playing in a holdem tournament you want to consistently steal as many blinds and antes as you can. Growing you stack in this way is one of the best foolproof advanced Texas Holdem tournament strategies there is. Every round at least two players will have posted a blind so each round is an opportunity to steal an easy win. Stealing the blinds becomes even more important when you get to the end of the tournament and near the money tables.

Being a greedy bully pays off in holdem tournaments

Steal blinds. Steal antes. Grow your stack. Get a big stack. When you have a bigger stack then a particular opponent you can bully that opponent. Its pretty simple, if you have a much larger stack then another player they will be afraid to play you. This is because in no limit holdem tournaments you can bet any amount at any time. They know that if you go all-in and they call and lose then they are out of the game. They are scared to do this. This means you can steal their blinds ever easier. The chance are good that your competition won’t call you with a marginal hand just trying to hit it on the flop.

What to do when you get near the money

When you start getting near the money hands, games, pots start to become critical. This is the time when stealing the blinds is much easier to do. For a very large percentage of poker players just making it to the money tables in a tournament is their goal. If they do that they will be happy and have completed their objectives. This means that as the time starts ticking down right before moving to the money tables most players will tighten up. The do this to try to stop losing chips. The last thing they want to do is play a coin-flip hand a lose.

You can take advantage of this by being even more aggressive and stealing even more blinds. In this situation players are less likely to fight you. They won’t even bother trying to see the flop because they don’t want to bet money and lose. Their only goal is to survive to get to the money table. They will gladly sit their and hope someone else gets knocked out so they make it to the money. It is advantageous to shift into attack mode at this time and start raking in the blinds and antes.

One of many holdem tournament strategies

Of course, stealing blinds needs to be incorporated into whatever other holdem tournament strategies you are implementing. Just like you don’t want to live off ramen soup your whole life, you don’t want to have to live off blinds. However, they can be a tasty addition to your stack. Nothing will replace winning big pots or doubling up, but stealing blinds is a successful way of winning holdem tournaments.

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