Sit N Go Tournaments – 3 Methods How To Win Sit N Go’s

Are you looking for information on how to win at Sit N Go Tournaments? If so then this article is definitely a must read as I will cover several important tips that you should consider before entering this type of tournament.

How To Win Sit N Go Tournaments Method #1

The first method of wining at Sit N Go Tournaments is to take minimal risk and play your solid cards very aggressively.

Note this works best when the entry fee is low and when there are not many players in the tournament.

This method is also sometimes called a tight aggressive style. If you master this style then you could very well be on your way to some fast money in your pocket.

How To Win Sit N Go Tournaments Method #2

The second method of winning at Sit N Go Tournaments is to set your cross hairs on a specific player. The mission here is to locate and utterly destroy the weak links, amateurs or the players with a small number of chips at the table.

Many Sit N Go players prefer this method over the previous one because it doesn’t in tell them sitting around all day waiting for the good cards to fall into their possession.

Now that you have spotted the weak players, how do you take them out exactly? Well I highly recommend a good blend of all ins, blind steals and buffs to X them out quickly.

How To Win Sit N Go Tournaments Method #3

The last method I will cover is for those that have a bit more experience to play with both a tight and loose strategy.

By this I mean play loose until you win a few of the early rounds and then once you have more chips switch to a tight playing style.

Using these two styles interchangeably will confuse most of your opponents and land a big sum of cash in your bankroll if you do it properly.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this article. I wish you tons of luck on your next Sit N Go Tournament.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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