Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy – Loose Aggressive

The top winning Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy is to play loose aggressive. This is the best strategy hands down.

Playing loose aggressive is the best Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy if you actually want to smash the tournament and take home first prize. Tight styles and passive plays may do ok for a while but to really explode your stack and continue ripping through the tournament from start right through the money tables to the finish you need to be playing loose aggressive.

Loose aggressive is where its at, period. Time and time again the winners circle in poker tournaments and on the World Poker Tour is filled with loose aggressive players. Players that aren’t afraid to play a pot and put their money where their mouth is. Players that win poker tournaments usually play aggressive and utilise their poker skills to the best of their ability more then anyone else. When they make it to the final table they get their with a massive amount of chips and then leverage that leads to crush their opponents.

Tight players don’t win tournaments. Aggressive players do. Tight players may survive longer then some sloppy loose players but this is a false measure because they are only surviving from what they started with they aren’t actually advancing. Loose aggressive players constantly grow their stack and advance through tables. Its an exponential flow on effect – they win more chips so can play more, so win more chips so play more etc.

You must be willing to take the chance of losing the game to be able to advance the leaps and bounds required to win the game. Tight players are dead afraid their going to go bust and be out of the tournaments. Loose players embrace death and use their fearlessness to attack and destroy other players. And loose players prey on the tight players. They know they are scared of losing and use this to their advantage, attacking and stealing more chips.

I’m not saying that their is never a place for tight or conservative play, all I’m saying is that any great winning Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy will incorporate some ruthless loose aggressive play to rip your opponents to shreds. Being an aggressive player, betting big, bullying, going-all in is intimidating and difficult to overcome. When aggressive players prey on tight players they get even stronger. Consider incorporating a ruthless loose aggressive strategy the next time you play a poker tournament and you might be surprised at how effective it is.

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