Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy – Play Your Hand

I don’t care what Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy you go in with, you need to play hands to win pots.

Whatever your Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy is I hope it incorporates playing some hands. Generally, and I’m just throwing this out there, you need to play hands to win pots. Rarely you can raise big and have everyone fold but most of the time you actually have to play hands to win more chips. Playing hands to win more chips to grow your stack is a great way to put yourself in a good position to win a poker tournament.

Good players aren’t afraid to play at a pot. Amateurs, or less-then-average players are often scared to. This is a very important distinction. Average players are often scared to play at a pot because they don’t know what to do, how much to bet, they might be afraid someone else has better cards then them, or scared they will lose all their chips and be out of the tournament. All of these are good reasons but you can’t let them stand in the way of you playing good poker.

If you scared of something bad happening you won’t be able to play at your best. You will be inundated with fear. If you are afraid to play after the flop, on the turn or the river then how do you expect to be able to win hands? Generally you have to play all the way through to take the pot. Although fear is warranted, to a certain extent, when it is a healthy concern or double-checking of possible hands or play you need to ensure you keep it in check and don’t let it override your decisions.

The fear of playing at hands can be destroyed with practice and experience. As you play more poker and get more experience you won’t be so scared. Many players who are great in cash games and have played a lot of poker feel they are confident but then get into a tournament and are instantly scared they will lose all their chips and be out. Sometimes letting go of the fear of being booted from the tournament is required in order to play your hands properly.

So the next time you get dealt a couple of cards and you are wondering whether you should play them or not, first ensure that you are playing in line with whatever Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy you’re following and then secondly take an internal audit and ask yourself whether there is fear holding you back from playing you best. If you think you’ve got the nuts, then go for it!