Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy – Protect Your Blind

Any Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy worth its weight will reference how crucial it is to protect your blinds.

Information on how to protect your blind is crucial to any Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy. Protecting your blind is vital because if you lose too many blinds you will slowly have your stack depleted. You usually won’t lose from just losing the blinds but it has a flow on effect because you have less to bet with when you do play a hand. Tournament play is all about stack size and keeping your stack nice and big is your number one priority.

When you are in the blind, both big and small, you need to be able to protect it. Being aware of who the little theifs at the table are will help you do this. When you know the other robbers you can keep an extra eye on them to help yourself in protecting your blind from them. The best defense is a simple one, if they raise you trying to steal your blind, then come over the top of them heavy. If you think they are just trying to steal your blind (this means they are raising to scare you) then you need to reraise them.

Loose players will often do this because they know how beneficial it is to steal other players blinds. If a loose player is in late position and no one has raised the pot yet he will most definitely raise you to try to scare you. In this position, no matter what cards you have, you have to reraise him. Most of the time you will end up picking up the pot because they won’t fight you. You need to realise people who steal blinds are looking for easy steals. They want to pick up the blind with a little raise and no fight. Once you reraise and ask for the fight, they have to see the flop, play cards, and anything could happen. Most of the time they don’t have that good a hand so they don’t want to risk it.

Coming back over a raiser a couple of times serves two major purposes. Firstly, you’ll probably just pick up the pot then and there because they will fold. Secondly, they will eventually stop raising you because they realise you will fight them. Once they know you’re not afraid to play a pot and defend yourself you won’t look like an easy target so they won’t bother.

This Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy is extremely important if you ever want to survive long enough to get to a money table. You need to protect you blind so you don’t lose it. In doing so, you’ll probably pick up a bunch of pots along the way because other players usually fold when you reraise them. Remember they are looking for easy pickings, so you need to present yourself as someone who will put up a fight and then they will leave you alone.

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