2 Sure-Fire Methods To Pull Off The Perfect Texas Hold Em Bluff

If you are interested in using a Texas Hold Em Bluff as one of your tactics you must first do a little research on this type of opponents you’re against. That is essentially what distinguishes the veteran from the rookie.

Poker fans will most likely think every bluff that crosses his path is worthwhile. The good players on the other hand are more likely to study events that occur in the game, including the behavior of other players and the pot and then bluff based on that.

Well, surely bluffing should be used depending on your position in the game and the image you create yourself supported by planning. Did you bet on every hand you get or do you play “by the book” and bet on only the right hands?

#1 Sure-Fire Method To Pull Off The Perfect Texas Hold Em Bluff

-Play like a “Maniac”

One of the advantages of being a “maniac” on the table is now your opponents are alert at all times, because they do not know what your next move might be. The looser your game is the easier it is for you to “slow play”.

Slow playing is a technique that is used to bluff when you have a good hand and you want others to think you do not so that you do not scare them off. This is done simply by calling the bets of the other players and trying to make them believe that you intend to fold your hand at any time.

Then when you get to the “river” (the last round of betting) you really want to bet or rise to get the most out of your hand (trying not to intimidate others with a bet too big for them).

#2 Sure-Fire Method To Pull Off The Perfect Texas Hold Em Bluff

- Playing it “Tight”

A tight player is a player that relies solely on “good” hands and folds off the “bad”. You can tell a tight player as he / she folds when they are raised more often than he / she calls.

Advertising this kind of image for you can be very beneficial later in the game and put you in a strong position to bluff or semi-bluff when others think you are betting on good hands only.

Having a reputation as a singles player can easily be used to deceive even the most experienced players on a weak hand – just do not exaggerate! You’ve got to keep your game and image tight so do not leave your lies to be discovered.

Just choosing to use these Texas Hold Em Bluffs as a way to manage through a particular hand without correct preparation will almost certainly be largely ineffective.

This is because your opponents might sniff out inconsistencies in your game, and your sense of despair about how you manage your cards. If they are experienced players, you would most certainly reveal your bluff.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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