7 Texas Hold Em Tricks To Obliterate New Players For Cold Hard Cash

If you’re itching to make some quick easy cash from new players you better read these Texas Hold Em tricks on how to do so very easily.

You can use any of these Texas Hold Em tricks to make money from any player, but the work especially well against new players because these players don’t have the experience to know any better.

1 – Sit down on their left for free cash

First things first, make sure you sit down on their left. You’ll be in position 9 times out of 10 and you’ll rake it in so easy it won’t be funny.

2 – Increase aggressive play against them

Coupled with that, increased strong aggressive play should easily win you more pots than not. That’s because new players interpret strong bets as you actually having a great hand (even if you don’t).

3 – Target them even more when they are in the blinds

New players often don’t know how to play out of the blinds properly. They will either play junk and stay in, or fold anything – either way those blinds are yours.

4 – Play your own odds against them

By simply playing a strong odds-based game you will ensure you come out ahead every time. Most often this is just about all you need to rake it in from newer players.

5 – Learn to utilize middle pairs

Don’t be afraid to loosen up and play marginal hands like middle pairs. Learning how to use these types of cards can exponentially increase your profits because you can get into more pots safely.

6 – All in them when they aren’t sure

New players are often very afraid to call an all-in if they aren’t confident. When you sense they are umming and arring because they don’t have the nuts, all-in.

7 – Look for indicators to their competency and target their weak areas.

This goes for any player but is a lot easier to do again new players because they often have many more weak areas and blatantly show the indicators.

Taking advantage of new players is a time-tested strategy for success playing poker. Using just one of these Texas Hold Em tricks against a new player will increase how much money you make instantly.

By now you are probably realizing how much more powerful a poker player you are because of what you just learned. That’s because when you learn about poker you become a better poker player, which is also why I always advise anyone interested in poker to take action now to learn more Texas Hold Em tricks, tips and secrets.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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