Calling Stations – Do You Know These 2 Most Common Calling Stations?

There are many different types of calling stations. Do you know the two I am going to discuss in this article? Read this article now to check to see how smart you are with your poker.

There are many different types of calling stations to watch out for. This article is going to outline the two most common types for you. Once you identify these players at your table when you play poker you will easily be able to beat them, so read this article in full.

Sometimes it can be annoying playing against calling stations. They call every hand and can often beat you on the turn on the river.

There are two extremely common types of calling stations. I will outline these below.

Calling Stations – The Two Most Common Types Of Calling Stations

#1 The Sheriff

There is a certain type of calling station known as the sheriff. The sheriff will call every bet to prevent anyone from bluffing at the table. He keeps everyone honest.

The sheriff calling station will pay to play at the showdown even when he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he doesn’t even have the best hand – all to ensure no one is bluffing.

Tip: Don’t bluff at a table with a sheriff, or at least make sure he isn’t in the hand.

#2 Premium Card Calling Stations

This is probably the most dangerous types of calling station. Premium card calling stations play solid tight play but then continue to call the cards all the way through the showdown.

The reason this player is more dangerous is because their original starting cards are actually stronger and more valuable and do have a more likely chance of making a great hand. If these players do make a pair or a two pair they always continued to play until the end.

Tip: The good part about these players is they will be in less hands because they are waiting for their strong pocket cards. So most of the time you can essentially go unchecked (excuse the pun).

Calling stations can be very annoying. That’s because these players sometimes tend to hit something on the later community cards, make a good hand and beat you. It can be very frustrating to lose to someone who has made their hand on the river simply because they continued to call (even when they had barely no odds of succeeding and “should” have folded.)

Even when the odds against them, calling stations will always call you just to see if they could possibly make a hand later on. Their ignorance is their fundamental weakness.

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