Playing Loose Tables At Low Limits – How To Win At Loose Tables

Playing loose tables at low limits will give a regular player the best chance of winning in comparison to other tables or limits. In this article I explain why and also how to win. Make sure you read it in full now.

Making money professionally playing Texas Hold Em Poker used to be restricted to the high rollers and other members with fat wallets. With the advent of online poker this has all changed.

Because with online poker there is no need for land, a building, capital, infrastructure, staff and dealers – not to mention security – the games of poker can be provided extremely cheaply. This means hardly any amount of money if at all is required to keep the show running.

For this reason, online poker rooms can afford to allow players to play at low limits. Low limits and micro stakes are stakes in the cents; like 1c, 2c, 5c and 10c.

Playing at these limits can become lucrative if you know what you are doing. And the best part is they are available to practically everyone.

Winning When Playing Loose Tables At Low Limits

Because when you are playing online Texas Hold Em Poker you can play at low limits for one cents or two cents you tend to find that there are a lot of loose tables compared to highest stakes with ten or a hundred dollars on the line each hand.

It’s only natural that as the stakes increase the tightness of the players also increase.

At these low limits online, many new and beginner players tend to play a lot of hands. This is a combination of many things…

  • it can be because they simply do not understand pre-flop hand strengths and odds
  • it can be because they don’t understand the game properly or how betting affects the overall game
  • or it can be simply be the fact that most new players a funding their poker play from a full time job and 1cents or 2 cents to them doesn’t seem like a lot of money, so they don’t care.

To give you an idea of acceptable play, there is no problem playing a pocket pair such as pocket sixes from late position or the button if no one contests the pot. However playing the same hands from the earlier position without knowing who is going to play at the pot is considered much loose to play.

This looseness of play carries with it additional risk and it seems like many players are taking this risk specifically when playing on loose tables at low limits.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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