Playing Pocket Pairs In A Cash Game Of Texas Hold Em Poker

Want to know how to play pocket pairs in a cash game of Texas Hold Em Poker? Read this article to discover hints, tips and tricks for doing so.

Whenever you get pocket pairs you have to play them sneakily. I never let anyone know I’ve got pocket pairs if I can. Pockets are the best for pulling trips and even full houses and can absolutely demolish your competition. Plus they are the only way to get four of a kind without anyone really knowing.

You need to know yourself well in order to be able to trick your opponents. When you get a pocket pair try to play exactly like you have plain cards. A trick I use to do this is just play exactly like the last hand I had (presuming it was two different cards).

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will win just cause you got dealt pockets. It’s almost the opposite case – well not quite, but you know what I mean. Never get a big head when playing pocket queens, kings and especially aces. Pockets really shine in a cash game when everything just falls into place. Don’t try to force them to win, that’s not good poker.

You need to see the flop to determine where you are at. Either you’ll hit a trips straight up (remember your poker face if you do) or you won’t. What will determine you decision is your position based on what did show up.

Say for instance you have a pair of 8′s and it’s a picasso flop. This probably isn’t the best. But if it was a 237 that would be great. However life is never as easy as this and more likely you will be faced with a decision to an over pair due to a flop like 69K. You’ll need to decide whether it’s worth taking the risk.

No matter what you do remember to never let on that you have a pair up your sleeve. I’ve seen many a game where the hidden pair wins by making trips on the river and destroying a two pair. I’ve also seen many a person burn by holding on to a pocket pair for too long for no valid reason.

Pocket pairs just like any other hand. Remember that when playing pocket pairs in a cash game of poker, you still have to do all the standard good practice stuff; calculate your odds, factor in your own feel for the game and make up your move accordingly.

To Your Luck And Skill,

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